To: Compassionate People Of Humanity.


From: The Den Coelho Foundation For the safety and preservation of our youth and

Their future as productive members of society:




We need your companies help or we risk loosing our program and it’s footing in the fight to save our youth from the perils of the streets and all of the negative programming they are receiving from the marketing schemes and products they are being exposed to.


Den Coelho is an American Listed Artist who has for the past six years has paid out of pocket to sustain his program, which has housed, fed, clothed, and educated these homeless youth and young adults.  Until recently he has funded it by himself and thru the residuals of his works.


Here is a description of his latest fundraising effort; won’t you join by donating the things he will require. You will be helping these kids who most have given up on. Here is his message to you and your company. We will be offering a few things to our biggest supporters as a show of appreciation. If you require a tax number please let us know when you send a donation.



“ Hello Friends, Collectors, sponsors.


I would like to thank your company and or yourself for believing in the work my foundation does. Let me start off by telling you what I am planning for the six-month journey across the United States with one of my assistants. I will be visiting Museums, Galleries, and artist studios. I will be filming short movie segments each day that will be uploaded to YouTube and the Facebook page that is being established for this exciting trip. I will be writing critiques on the various art related establishments as well as the places that offer us assistance, these crits will be published into a book that will be available at an event my foundation will hold once we have completed the journey. This is a very unique structure, as we will also be helping others along the way. I am asking that our local corporations please reach out and donate to this cause and here is why.


Each night as we are tucked in bed and safe, there is way over a million kids who are roaming the streets of the U.S. who have no one or nothing. Personally I have taken in several of our local homeless youth. I am proud to announce that last year we graduated three boys who normally would never have accomplished. I don’t think I can describe exactly how I felt watching these young men walking across that stage.  The problem today is that people are so caught up with themselves and their selfishness. I see all the time in society where people are very angry about the current state of the country, they are caught up in drama instead of being part of solutions, and they feed into the beast with hatred and complaints of their current situation. If people would just express love to their fellow man, to help them with their needs, what they do not know is that by helping others they are really helping themselves. The feeling one gets for doing good, for others brings fourth a feeling of joy and peace. So why choose to continue to be selfish in thought. Because they have habitually programmed their subconscious and it has become automatic. We have to believe that whatever we seek shall be if we believe in what it is we seek, we have to believe it already has come to be., and it shall be. If you believe in me, and what it is I do, it shall keep me motivated to continue to do just that, believe in myself. I say all of this being that I had begun to give up on helping people. The reason is that as I was building my Art empire and helping the kids, I had trusted individuals, that I had become fond of, I allowed them to run my corporation, they embezzled me and my company. They stole the money I had earned for my works. The money I use to run my programs. Now, I am a very private person, I live and work from home where my design studios and Ateliers are. I recently begun to broker my works along with the works of others I handle. This was resultant of being taken advantage of and defrauded out of over four million dollars. After many months of shutting down and withdrawing from the world, I decided that I had two choices; either I could let it overcome me, or I could brush it off and move on to better things. I danced with the devil for a bit and filled my mind with every daunting thought; this allowed negativity to overtake me. I was very aware my mind was much more powerful than letting people who preyed on my kindness and my high earning potential; these are people who I fed, paid their mortgages (so they did not loose their homes), registered their cars, and paid for their kids clothes. I am not sure why it is that, when someone finds a giving, and caring person, they have to exploit the relationship by being greedy. I never expect anything in return for any assistance I give. I believe if you give you do so without agenda or it is not giving, and never expect to be paid back, just pay the good things that you are blessed with forward.


The trip I am taking will allow me to also help others along the way, it will provide me with much material to work with upon returning home. We will hold an event where those sponsors that helped us to make this happen can be celebrated and acknowledged. We will also include our sponsors in our short daily movies, and our interviews with local media outlets, as well as the national ones.

We are looking to raise a total of 250,000 dollars to be used to micro invest in the careers or Artists and other creative that we can forge a long term relationship with. Someone who may have all the talent in the worls but who can’t afford to get started or who already are in business but require materials etc. We will invest up to $ 5,000.00 per individual. They will supply to our Foundation an end product, according to their contract. We will also purchase art for our foundations auction event where we hope to raise five million dollars to build the Private School for these youth who require specialized programs etc.  Our End goal is to put an end to homelessness in the State, and to offer uncomplicated (No-Red-tape services on the spot). Many of these kids have slipped thru the cracks; they are on the streets scared, engaging in prostitution, and being preyed upon by predators. This we will end by putting our street teams out there working with local law enforcement to identify the youth at risk and approaching them with options. Also to educate law enforcement and providing them with the resources we have at our disposal, like being able to bring these individuals to us 24/7. One of the issues faced with when dealing with these youth is if they have had nominal exposure to the elements than chances are they are addicted to street drugs;  I have been studying the options with regards to this and have dealt with several of these kids also.

I recently partnered with a Psychiatrist who is a specialist in this field, we are outlining a movie that we will be using to train people and also to expose the Suboxone Programs for what they really are Money Hungry establishments, that most of these kids can’t afford.  This is why we need your donations and help. Please help us to be able to purchase the facility we require to help these youth.


I have identified a property that would be ideal. The cost for the property is $585,000.00 plus another $200,000.00 in renovations. It would allow for enough room to house up to sixty residents. Provide Ten Classrooms for the alternative educational programs. And room for the two Galleries and a Coffee shop that the residents would run under a school of Culinary Arts. We would have an on site clinic that would operate around the clock for monitoring our residents on meds etc.


For sponsors who would like a seat on our Board of Directors; Please contact me at the below email. We are offering seats to Donors who donate over $100,000.00 to the foundation.


Here is a list of what we are seeking immediately.


1. A sponsor to provide the SUV- Vehicle for our six month trip across the country to Visit Museums, Galleries, Artist Studios, and to film Homeless youth in various cities and towns; Telling their stories to our audience.


2. A facility (A large Private Estate to run our Private Academy Of Arts and Alternative Education. It would be a God send if someone would donate an estate they wished to preserve that we could use to protect and educate our young minds that have been Left to their own devices.


3. $ 250,000.00 to use on our six month trek across the U.S. to Micro Invest and purchase works to use in our foundations fundraisers. To pay expenses of printing limited editions, and materials to raise awareness; including running campaigns. To also pay expenses associated with the movie and book.


Please contact the Admin for Den Coelho’s projects at if you would like to schedule a time to meet with him he would certainly make that time. We actually have to find a location in two weeks and it is pressing and Den is in frenzy over it.


Note: As a volunteer for American Artist Den Coelho, I want to convey to the local Companies and individuals who are impassioned about our troubled youth. There is no one I know who better understands this issue then Den himself. He has come up the hard way and has worked hard to get where he is today. I can say I have never seen anyone take all of their money and spend it on others as he has. It is unfortunate that some have taken him for granted, I am witness to his lawyers taking large sums of money and not delivering on their word, I have seen property owners lie and cheat him and people supposedly his friends who take total advantage of his kindness. What has bothered me and others is the fact that he is an artist 24/7 he lives and breaths art, has been compared to some of the world greatest names in art and he very rarely gets credit for any of his work, but yet he continues on, he champions his causes, and has hope that someone will come along and give him the break he needs. He always goes the extra mile in his creations, makes sure that his manufacturers of his furniture, clothing etc, only use the finest materials. To quote him on this topic, I had asked him why it is that he uses the highest grade of everything; his answer. ‘ If I want people to trust and believe in, what I preach everyday, than I have to set the example. I have to be sure that I only produce the highest grade of everything as people are so used to getting crap that is passed off as superior; even the biggest names in design are prostituting their names out for the sake of greed. I would not feel comfortable doing that. My bed suites start at around $ 15,000.00 they are not just bed suites they are works of art that I have designed. I sign each one of them. They are works of fine art not something you can walk into these furniture stores that buy everything from mass production lines where no love is put into the work. My craftsmen put their blood sweat and tears into my designs. My works are not things you are going to see on the side of the road in a couple years they are going to be heirlooms, and I would not have it any other way’). “ As with my paintings they start at around $ 25,000.00 and with the release of my new works that are part of the Million dollar line . I want my works to become part of the family Heirloom; there are not many things out there anymore that fit into that category. If people believe in what I do, why would I want to screw them, t hat would be going against what I stand for and that is 1.Transparency 2. Unparalleled, Quality. 3. Building friendships with my collectors and sponsors. I create my family in a world where family is a sensitive word. I surround myself with the family I create, and with the loneliness in the world today and the breakdown in the nucleic family people welcome someone willing to make that investment. This is why I insist on getting to know who collects my works; I want to know why they want to own a part of my mind.  We must have something in common. These are the reasons I need peoples help to build my school. I believe in these kids. I have kids who come by my studio that I have raised to tell me they love me, and I am sorry that someone is missing out on that, someone who tossed that kid to the streets. My trustee calls me an “Out of the box Exotic Artist that not many could understand.” I have seen reviews people say all kinds of things: ‘I am the male version of the devil wears Prada” I make people take a double take when I walk in a room” “That I am sinfully attractive’. Those things actually bother me, as I am just a normal person. I happen to be very private. Just who, I am. My mother was a recluse. I have been called a “prettyboy” and have heard” He is probably a stuck up snob” Very wrong. I am not even close to that. Get to know me. If you did you may be surprised. I was born “Gifted” I belong to several Orgs. For the Gifted and I see things most don’t. I get sensory overload and shut down, I sometimes stay in a quiet room for days, thinking and processing. So people who judge me have no idea what I am like. They see the outside. I am gifted and cursed, as with anything there are positives and negatives. I want my sponsors, collectors, and investors to know me. I have an interesting story, I had hard times more than most will ever encounter. I was tortured in institutions until I was properly diagnosed. If you want to know about the government I can tell you, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I was in the middle of it.  I know how it works. Our government is not a nice institution, they are a selfish, disgusting, breed of animals,  and they thrive on the very things they preach against. If you want to know my story ask me. Because there are not many out there who can walk in my shoes. Here is something to ponder. I am often asked: Why do you help those losers, those disgusting kids, how come someone like yourself obviously from a good bloodline get mixed up with the likes of those troublemakers. I want to spit on some of them and say: Listen you wretched poor excuse for a human being. Those are children of God. The “ONE” and only “God” do you really want to know why I help them. Let me tell you why. BECAUSE I WAS ONE OF THOSE KIDS!! I WAS MOLESTED AT AGED TEN, BY A CATHOLIC PRIEST. I WAS THROWN INTO MENTAL HOSPITALS AND A FEDERAL SYSTEM I PACED THE FLOOR OF A 4X6’ ROOM FOR FOUR YEARS, LIKE NELSON MANDELLA. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I DID WHEN I PACED THAT FLOOR FOR FOUR YEARS 24/HRS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR. I PLANNED HOW I WAS GOING TO BE; THE MOST POWERFULL PERSON IN THE ART WORLD, HOW I WAS GOING TO CONFRONT THE CROOKS THAT HAVE BEEN ROBBING TRUE ARTISTS, OF THEIR FAIR STAKE IN A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES. THERE ARE NO “GODS” OF THE ART WORLD.. THERE IS NO ONE WHO DETERMINES WHO THE BEST ARTIST IS. IT IS ALL A RUSE IT’S AN ILLUSION OF A HANDFULL OF RETARDS WHO USE VERBAL GYMNASTICS AND CIRCULAR TALK TO CONFUSE THE MASSES. THE ONE ISSUE WHICH I INTEND TO FIX, IS THAT WAY BACK WHEN, WHEN OUR EARLY MASTERS WERE PAVING THE WAY FOR THE ARTS; JUST LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS WHO HAD NO IDEA THAT MEN WOULD DELVE TO THE LOWS THEY HAVE TO RAPE OUR COUNTRY OF EVERY VIABLE ASSET. THE SAME IS BEING DONE OR ATTEMPTING TO BE DONE BY A HANFULL OF PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT THE ART WORLD AS MUCH AS THE POLITICIANS CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE CHANGE THAN INSTEAD OF BITCHING ABOUT IT DO IT. I am looking for sponsors who believe in what I do. I am the most selfless individual you will ever meet. I have come to be grateful for everything and everyone that is in my life. I believe charity is what we need to be doing all the time to humble ourselves.


I tell my boys that if they want anything good to come to them they need to humble themselves before God.. Last year and the year prior, I walked three of my boys across the stage to accept their Diplomas.  I am working on a manuscript with the Dale Carnegie Foundation. After reading something I had penned online, I was contacted and asked if I would work on a project to augment the program. I was proud of myself because I know that after four years of toiling in my brain and going thru every stage of emotional decline, I came to know something very important. I came to know myself. And one day I woke up and said “Self I want you to meet yourself. Now get along!” when we are put into situations that we have no control over we go thru several stages, the first of course is denial. We deny the situation it is the first step in accepting a diagnosis of a disease and that we may die of such. What is going to determine the outcome is whether or not we choose to accept it or not. (I believe the book that saved my life was by Viktor Frankl-Mans search for meaning)


This will be continued. I am going to wait to see how much interest may come of this. I will now tell you a few things about what is currently going on in my world. I do hope you will donate to my foundation and me. I spent a few million dollars on the program and the kids I have taken in. I know that my program works. The success rate thus far is 85% all individuals whether or not they have moved on in a positive light or if they are still spinning their wheels are all in contact with me. I had one stop by tonight that is hooked on crystal meth; he gave me a hug and asked me if he could eat and have clean clothes. I would never turn him down; he can’t stay here because he has been caught stealing and is not ready yet to join a family setting. When he is he will be welcome here. I have terminated his residency 30 times so we don’t give up.



Due to situations out of my control I have been embezzled and defrauded on three major occasions. I believe in what people tell me and believe that if you shake someone’s hand and make a deal you honor it, that is how I do and conduct business, or did until recently. I now have someone who makes those decisions. The last property I had for my foundations work I was screwed out of over $ 250,000.00. I walked away from it, as I was more concerned about keeping a safe haven and to continue on with my business. I found a new Home and an attached commercial space. I wen thru an agency N.E.P.M.( Don’t ever use them) They promised my lawyers and my then acting trustee that the home was in perfect repair that it had been completely rehabbed. That was a complete fabrication. I paid them almost 30,000.00 the last of my earnings for my art. I moved in set up the gallery so we could get to work got the kids situated. Two days later the entire Fifteen room house flooded as a result of a faulty furnace causing damage to over half a million dollars in artwork. This is where the deceit came in to play the owner of the property changed the lease he took out the commercial part and sent me a watered down version. He was attempting to elude responsibility for the damages to my property. The short of it is that we are forced to move by 1, November. I pursued my money back and have to relocate. My concern is locating a place where I can house my brood and our three dogs (All rescue that are therapy for the residents thay all take care of them and spoil them)  I found a property at 48 Underwood but they are not willing to hold the paper. I am still in litigation fighting my Insurance company from the embezzlement. Let me tell you I do not recommend anyone going with either the Hartford Or Sentinel Insurance. They have played every dirty trick in the book against me, frankly it was utterly shocking. I was the victim of major fraud by individuals who have done the same to at least eighteen other companies. Funny thing is they did not rob me they robbed my kids, as I don’t even take a salary or any money from sales it all goes into one fund. So I am out the 2.5 million dollars on the project (that by the way would have opened up a section of providence to a train stop that would have opened that portion of the city and cleaned out the mess it was. I did a lot of it by renovating two factory buildings and had I not of been embezzled it would have provided jobs for several hundred people) . The funny thing is that I was too busy working on the construction of the buildings, and teaching the group of guys that were excited that we finally would have the school, to even think that something was amiss. It was only after truckloads of materials went missing along with several of my works out of a controlled security area where my works are stored. I hired a private investigator that figured it out along with my lawyers, by that time it was too late they drained my project funds the minute they got wind I was on to them they pulled up the stakes.  I have been up around the clock for the last couple of months trying to figure out what to do. I will be damned if I am sending my brood back to the streets. I have assets, I don’t know how to liquidate them; my A,S,A, Appraisal of my works in inventory is between 10-15 million dollars. I have collections, but we should not have to sell them it would require mor than several months to do and it would be moving backwards;. I am in process of opening up my first signature gallery So I decided to put this trip together and raise money to get my charges at least in a new home. I will go cross country fly home once a week and work on the projects. I feel the need to go on this trip and record other kids in the same situation to raise awareness. It sickens me what these kids have to do for a place to stay. I have already helped to close one sex bar with Channel Ten that was raping kids. And discovered that sex offenders were running kid frequented places and we put the pressure to close the. I am only one man. If you want to help I appreciate it please by all means contact me directly. I am at a loss . My trustee is working on his days off as a surgeon to help me.

I am offering all donors signed limited edition prints that the residents and I have designed. I am also offering paintings depending on size of donations from paintings valued at 10,000.00 and up. I really have my hands tied until I can liquidate works. I shut down any movement of Art until I get a professional Broker who is not going to rob me, my last broker took over a million dollars in art, it was returned but after some involvement with authorities. My main issue is I can’t run my front office and studios without a dedicated team.  I am considering putting 25% of my operation up for investment. I will accept reasonable proposals.


If you have the ability to offer us assistance to obtain the property you would be saving the future of some damned good kids.

See interview below.

In Service:

More to come.

Donations Can Be either delivered to our office at 128 Cottage Street Pawtucket R.I. 02860/Or they can be mailed. We suggest calling 401-585-2084 to discuss so that we can record your information to send you your print and or other.

Please be advised that the above is cut from several sections of writings from press releases etc. Den Coelho has been working Day in and out to try to secure the funds to get housing so his youth are not placed in placements they will not stay in. Most ages of our residents are 17-23 and sometimes we will get youth 14-up By law have to notify law enforcement if we get runaways. We work closely with the courts and probation officers to put together plans for each resident depending on their situation as everyone’s are different. We certainly appreciate your help. This is a program that has helped many and will continue to do such as long as we can support it.

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Having a Positive Impact

I do not believe I could have said it any better.

TWayne Martin's Blog

Wanting to have a positive impact in the lives of many is an admirable objective in life.

Many like to take up the cudgel and go do battle with the dark forces of evil, whether the specters appear in environmental or economic vistas.

Having been among the homeless at one time, I know for certain that the bleak picture painted in the media is not completely correct. Food and political atrocities are major problems, of course, but many people who have what we would consider as absolutely nothing can still be quite happy because they are with family and do not have to depend on material things to sustain a degree of security.

In our western society, it seems the majority have a materialistic attitude, especially the young, where everyone seems more intent of getting the latest iPhone or tablet than helping out the less fortunate. But you have to…

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It’s a hard knock life

Hello Everyone;
If everyone would realize that we are all connected , that we are a universal force and not individually unique as we may think, if we would move towards helping each other instead of the opposing magnetic syndrome that we have come to adopt; it would be a better world. I had been talking to someone last night, what I had said to this individual after he mentioned how screwed up the world was; was that the world is fine it is the people in the world who are becoming side effects of the modern world. I refuse to bow to that notion. I believe that if people want to blame the world, the government, and whatever other excuse they adhere to than progress will remain stunted. individually change is very difficult, as a power in groups many things can change, however we must come together with clear agendas and cause the changes to government, and the world issues. I hear it all the time and I am myself at times out of frustration guilty of bitching about things. When I find myself doing it I stop. I have an issue with homelessness in this country for instance; as it does not discriminate; there are former millionaires that are homeless, there are very intelligent people who are homeless, what does this tell us. That there is a total break down on a social level, and there is no reason for such. I get irked as hell when I see former politicians on T.V. and billionaires who are raising awareness; and giving untold millions to people in other countries who are starving; Hello…We have the same problem; but ours is ten fold, we have kids who are addicted to crystal meth, crack, and other drugs, what are we doing about it, nothing. I came up with a solution to not only rid this issue in Rhode Island but to get these kids back in school, the Arts make them more productive members of society. Do you think anyone listens to that. Well I am just going about it another way. I am in the process of holding fund raisers to raise awareness. I want to raise initially 2.5 Million dollars to acquire a new facility to put my programs to work. Here is what I have come to know: People are not interested if they can’t get funded with millions and millions so they can have boards that rape those funds. We don’t need that what we need are people that have no agendas and a tried and tested method which I developed. You may ask how. Well let me tell you how: My foundation for the past six years has run my own program, taking these adolescents off the streets: (Amazingly these are great kids, I had one who’s mother threw him out in favor of her boyfriend-You heard right.)putting my methods to work; I graduated three boys thru High School in the last two years out of three available to graduate. My program is simple. We have a familial unit base, everyone is part of the family, I believe in old world methods not only in my career, but with raising kids; they screw up then they get punished. I also use a rewards system, which (by human nature, and function works), everyone likes to be rewarded. If a kid wants something then he earns it. In the beginning I felt bad and gave them everything, which bit me in the ass. So my point is there is a cure for homelessness. You have to care, the major problem is that people walk by with blinders on and pre-judge homeless people. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. You never know who you are going to run into, that homeless person could be the air to a billion dollar empire, or have an ability to solve the worlds economic crisis, or even better save your life from an assailant. So think twice before you judge. We live in a superficial world of, greed, narcissism, and gossip. People by nature are animals, some are just better situated, dressed, and accepted.It is only when tragedy hits do some land on the real planet. Television and marketing has destroyed the family unit as has technology, and there is no one on the planet, that can go up against me in debate on that one: We created the major psycho-Social-Sexual issues in this country thu sophisticated subliminal messages in our ad campaigns, we have relayed to the masses illusions of grandure in depicting the grand lifestyles of actors, rappers, and other similar types.The commercial-marketing teams have programmed in kids that they should have the latest gadgets or two hundred dollar pair of shoes(That cost no more to manufacture than a fifty dollar pair of shoes)… The answers and solutions are within the problems.

If you wish to hear more or join my causes, you may contact me or my staff via my general mailbox at:
Den Coelho
American Listed Artist/Designer
Chad Jase Foundation
Where Everybody Is Some Body
Note: In my professional world I am a straight shooter; I am not an advocate for what is going on in the Art World at large, I am fed up with the exploitation of The Fine Arts: but what I do instead of bitching about it, is I am working with my team to change how Gallerists, etc.. Do business. I am working to establish a code of Morals and Ethos that true artists, and others involved in the art world can agree to which will open doors for them that would not otherwise be opened or even available. The time has come where those who have been exploiting the Art World are going to be held accountable. It is enough that every other viable system or program has been raped by the super greedy. I refuse to sit back and allow people to continue to molest the Art World. Call me crazy.

Belle 365

I was walking to work this morning, entirely lost in my own myriad thoughts, when I passed a man whose appearance caught my attention. He was older than me by at least ten years, red-eyed, unshaven and carrying some bedding. It was obvious he had been sleeping rough.

When I got into work I had a meeting about developing case studies for my charity, during which I heard some harrowing stories about young people who, prior to taking part in our programme, had been bullied, thrown out of home, started dealing drugs and carrying knives..the list goes on.

Back at my desk I received an email about dementia sufferers, which said that loneliness (of sufferers and their carers) is one of the most painful and yet most under reported effects of the disease.

Why am I telling you these depressing stories? Because they’re real, and they’re all around us. Every…

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Faith And Grattitude Are The Recipies For Success,Love, and Change.

Faith And Grattitude Are The Recipies For Success,Love, and Change.

Latest Print Released By Chad Jase Studios “American Listed Artist Dennis Akervik Coelho”

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Primary Science Week outreach: Inspiring a new generation of scientists

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ISCP Int’l Studio & Curatorial Residencies, Brooklyn, Ongoing

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Week Four: Melissa Dominic

Writers On Rotation

June 23 – June 30, 2013: Melissa Dominic

Thank you to Dylan for giving us a fantastic third week! Carrying us into our first month’s worth of existence is Melissa, who’s starting off her week of curating by going to a Neil Gaiman reading. The admin knows she can’t be the only one who’s jealous.

Melissa Dominic, Week Four Curator

Melissa Dominic is twenty nine years old and resides in a retirement community just north of Miami, Florida. She graduated with a BA in English and was focused on poetry before she threw it all away to set off on an adventure to write speculative fiction.

Melissa is influenced by city streets, disillusions of the future and theories on high tech/low life. Her poetry and post-apocalyptic fiction has been published in various journals and anthologies. She is currently working on a proto-future noir about a city ruled by gangs and dance music titled 12:01AM. 


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