Having a Positive Impact

I do not believe I could have said it any better.

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Wanting to have a positive impact in the lives of many is an admirable objective in life.

Many like to take up the cudgel and go do battle with the dark forces of evil, whether the specters appear in environmental or economic vistas.

Having been among the homeless at one time, I know for certain that the bleak picture painted in the media is not completely correct. Food and political atrocities are major problems, of course, but many people who have what we would consider as absolutely nothing can still be quite happy because they are with family and do not have to depend on material things to sustain a degree of security.

In our western society, it seems the majority have a materialistic attitude, especially the young, where everyone seems more intent of getting the latest iPhone or tablet than helping out the less fortunate. But you have to…

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About Dencoelho

Original Works of Den Akervik Coelho- Chad Jase Studios Chad Jase- Chad-Jayce-(Fashion) Original Works Of Dennis Akervik Coelho October 2006 – Present (6 years 11 months) 433 Union Ave, Providence, R.I. Review by Chabot Gallery and features In American Art Collector, Art Scope, Who's Who In Fine Art. Dennis Akervik Coelho is a Providence, RI based artist, whose work encompasses all fields of design, including fine art, fashion, and interiors. At the center of all concern is a unyielding dedication to fine art, the psycho-therapeutic process, a strong commitment to the community, and the dedication and detail into everything he does. The quote “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” is a driving force behind his daily life. Being A Highly Gifted individual, has allowed him to see things in a complex multi dimensional fashion, allowing him to create his subject matter in a way that touches his audience on the deepest of psychic levels, stimulating them in ways that cause self analysis. His works have been known to affect people with psychological disorders in deep personal ways, educing immediate contentment and sometimes via resentment. Mr. Coelho is one of a rare breed of Masters, who can Take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, always returning you safely to your comfort zone. The Artist evokes, tears,grins,and smiles, but never in that order. His works change the attitude of their environment, mostly with a quiet calming effect; until you engage them. Creativity, expression and inspiration eventually took the place of psychosis, mania and depression. Using art as an outlet for his emotional distress, painting was the catalyst that inspired the self-taught artist to begin to fashion a series of works that would subconsciously stimulate the mind and create positive energy flow. Revolutionaries such as Viktor Frankl, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh stood out as influences to Dennis Akervik Coelho at a young age. Being a part of a passionate, determined group of individuals looking to make a difference, he was moved to create works with an amalgamation of elements; The aesthetic old world fused with today's ever evolving modernity. Coelho has been compared to such Masters as VanGogh: One Magazine touts him as a Modern Day VanGogh. Coelho is admired amongst the art world for his consistent preaching of Old World Values, and respecting the world of Art and not exploiting it. He writes about the exploitation of the Art World, stating that when they are done raping her, us true artists will be here to pick her up and brush her off, as no one can taint the sister to Mother nature. He calls the Art-world the Sister Of Mother nature. He counsels artists on a code of conduct, and refuses to work with anyone who refuses to abide by this code; 1. You shall never bring disgrace upon the Art world by using it to fancy your own designs. 2. You will respect yourself as a person, and conduct yourself like a professional Artist- if you are one it will come natural just roll with it. 3. Just because it is happening in New York; Does not make it right. Here is how you know if it is the right thing to do; Picture you in a room with picasso, Leonardo, and Warhol. Ask them if what you intend on doing is O.K. if you have their blessing then it is ok. Coelho is called a Collectors dream!. The Artist is working with his team to open the first of it's kind; Chad Jayce Fine Art and Tangible Asset Gallery In Rhode Island: It has been a long time coming. "I first needed to do several years of study, even after I spent over a hundred thousand dollars on legal and investment experts, I had to come to understand what the most disturbing aspects of the fine art world were. I finally have an understanding and it is highly disturbing, like any system that has high earning potential, the Art World has been subjected to people who are exploiting it right out in the open. After many discussions with people who stopped collecting Art for this reason, the question was posed to them; what would it take to get you to have confidence in the Art World, and to want to invest in works of Art etc. The answer was pretty universal. Honesty, Integrity, Some Damn Morals. And that is where I knew right there and then that i was doing the right thing. I do not know about any of you and if you like seeing and hearing that your family, friends, and peers have lost all of their savings do to some elaborate Wall Street Or 401 K Scam or the bleak forecast for Social Security's Longevity; I know I don't. I also know this and please pay close attention. When the you know what hits the fan, your going to want to have assets that are within your reach,so that you can either trade, and or liquidate such. With all of the aforementioned taken into careful consideration, and after studying the options for investing, including the typical Art Funds etc... I made it as easy as possible for the hard working individual who is not willing to just hand over their children's, families or whom ever they plan on looking afters future, or even their retirement savings. So if you wish to know more, and if I can begin you on your journey to a safer, easy to understand. Please contact me if you wish to hear more. I will keep my audience up to date with what is going on with the opening of my new Gallery. I am currently working on getting Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Asset Gallery opened. Presently I am interviewing potential investors, but it is important that I find the right ones: Not all money is good money. I have turned down several deals as it seems some just want to get their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. I have worked too hard to allow people with "Hidden Agendas" to get on board. I am needing people who believe in the preservation of the Art-World, ones who believe and are compassionate about our entire mission. My foundation is concerned with getting our adolescents off the streets, and we have been doing this for several years.. I have groomed some to be great artists, and they are also part of my mission. If ever their was a story that is heart wrenching it is the one we speak of today. I know there are collectors and investors out there that would be at home working with us to help realize our mission and it's plight. I pray all the time that some who are as compassionate about the preservation of the Arts and the social concerns that we represent will support me as an Artist and my causes. If you wish to contribute in any way you may contact me directly ( I believe in 100 % transparency) Dennis Akervik Coelho American Listed Artist coelhoden@yahoo.com
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